Compagnia delle Indie plots new courses and, being inspired by parallel universes, leads you to an imaginary voyage.

You will discover new worlds of the scented wellness universe and explore marvelous landscapes, where to learn unique essences and exotic ingredients.


You will live a new experience of beauty: intense perfuming and soft, light textures for a long-lasting sensory pleasure,
ingredients and nourishing, moisturizing actives for skin beauty and wellness.

Nourishing Body Butter and Moisturizing Fluid Cream, Scented Shower Gel and Scented Bath Foam, Eau de Parfum in 4 amazing olfactory constructions; modern, evocative, and genderless.


With its iconic and unique brand, Compagnia delle Indie signs refined and suggestive packaging designs, inspired to Artificial Intelligence worlds, where each fragrance is described as a place to explore and where we could immerse ourselves in a landscape that represents its dreamlike description.

Unique and alluring.